Microbusiness Bootcamp Resources

Session 1: Creating and Evaluating Ideas

Filling the Well

The Artist’s Way” – Julia Cameron

Google Search

Amazon best sellers

Google Trends

Etsy Finds

Items in Demand | eBay Seller Center

Idea Creation Tools
Tools for creating ideas


What is mindmapping?
Freemind software

Provocation operations article
Provocative Statements

Idea Lists
100 biz ideas to kickstart your imagination
Business ideas for small towns

Evaluation matrix
With example data
Blank, for your business ideas

Session 2: Mechanics

Legal forms of business
Legal form of business – Corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship?

BC Co-operative Association

Business name requirements
Name |Approval Request Instruction – contains details of requirements

Online domain name generator and domain checker
Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists

Domain name search and buy
Domain Name search

One Stop for BC Name Search, Business Registration and GST/PST
OneStop BC Business Registry

BC registrar Name Search
BC Names Requests Online

General CRA page for self-employed and small business
CRA Small businesses and self-employed

How to report income and expenses
CRA Reporting your business income and expenses

Making losses – tax treatment
Recurring small business losses

GST account registration
Registering for a GST/HST account

PST Small Business Guide (search inside for “Small seller”)
PST Small Business Guide

City of PR – Home Based Business regulation
City of PR – Home Based Business license and regulation

City zoning map
PDF to download

Regulations for different types of business (Canada/BC)
Permits, licences and regulations – Canada Business Network

Food regs for temporary markets
Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Markets

Marketsafe Course

FOODSAFE Level 1 Course

Starting a Food Processing business
10 Steps to Starting Your Food Processing Business

Worksafe (was WCB)
WorkSafeBC.com – Employers/ Small Business

WorkSafeBC.com – Who Needs to Register

Employees – BC employment regs
Guide to B.C. Employment Standards

Can Spam
Canada’s Law on Spam and Other Electronic Threats

Privacy regulations
Fact Sheet: Privacy Legislation in Canada

BC Personal Information Protection Act

Getting Paid via Credit Cards
The Secret Behind Square and Mobile Processing

Paypal Canada

Sign up for Square in Canada

Merchant accounts

PC Financial bank account
PC Financial – How to Open an Account or Apply for a Product


CRA – Records and how long to keep them
Keeping records – CRA

Six years to life | Deloitte Canada | Tax services | Perspectives

CRA: How long should you keep your income tax records?

Manual bookkeeping
Manual Bookkeeping System that organises papers

Super-simple online bookkeeping
Google Sheets spreadsheet ledger

Review article for cloud accounting
The Best Online Accounting Services for 2015 | PCMag.com

Powell River business groups:
Marine Avenue Business Association

Powell River Chamber of Commerce

Powell River Women in Business

“Buy Local” programs
Local Logic

Powell River Dollars

Session 3: Marketing

Using psychographics in marketing

“Local Marketing Ideas” booklet

Customer Profile worksheet PDF

Google Sheets blank marketing plan

Google Sheets example marketing plan

Blank marketing plan printable PDF

Session 4: Project Planning

Minimal Business Plan checklist PDF

Google Sheets Minimal Business Plan

Business Layout PDF

Online planning tools
Teamwork.com – Online Project Management & Task Management Software

Free tools article
The Top 6 Free and Open Source Project Management Software for Your Small Business