Making Meals Merit Badge Level 1

This page is under construction, and not all Badge Bits are available yet.

Any of these dishes can be made vegan (except those for specific animal proteins), raw or gluten-free if desired. Local, seasonal and ethical ingredients are encouraged for all dishes.

Complete these two Badge Bits (BB’s):

Complete 4 out of this list of food prep BB’s. All food prep BB’s are to be completed using hand tools, unless you have a disability that prevents you from doing so.

Complete 4 out of this list of cooking BB’s:

  • Use a well-seasoned cast iron skillet to: (select one)
    – cook an egg so that it slides around (fried, omelet, etc)
    – make a stack of ten pancakes
    – cook hash browns that fully cover the skillet
  • Cook pasta al dente (Firm, but no white starch in the center if bisected) Can be grainless pasta
  • Bake a Squash, Potato or Sweet Potato
  • Roast mixed vegetables
  • Make two different salads/slaws
  • Cook a stir fry that includes vegetables and protein
  • Make soup / stew / chowder
  • Steam vegetables while boiling another dish (eg pasta, potatoes…)
  • Cook Grains (rice, oats, bulgar, etc), Small Beans, or Lentils in two of these ways:

Overnight in a crockpot
Rice cooker or instant pot

Complete 4 out of this list of protein BB’s:

  • Make meatballs
  • Cook a roast (including poultry)
  • Make a meat-based stew or casserole
  • Bake a whole fish
  • Make fish-based patties
  • Cook fish fillets or steaks with a sauce
  • Cook a 2-egg (or larger) filled omelette
  • Make a frittata
  • Hard-boil eggs and use them in a main dish
  • Make a vegan stew or casserole
  • Make vegan burgers
  • Make a marinated tofu dish
  • Make lentil or chickpea curry
  • Make a bean & rice dish
  • Make a stuffed vegetable dish using a vegan stuffing
  • Make vegan tortillas, fajitas, quesadillas or burritos

When you have completed your BB’s, post a comment to this page, listing the ones you have completed, for an admin to certify, and you’ll get your badge!



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