Set up a vertical gardening system

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the Level 1 badge in Gardening.

If you have limited space, vertical gardening allows you to pack more into that space. Some plants prefer to grow vertically, or do better if they are trellised. And vertical gardening allows you to make the plants serve multiple purposes, for example as a shady roof as well as food-bearing plants. Vertical gardening systems can also be used indoors.

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:

  • Choose the plants that you want to grow vertically
  • Research and design a vertical growing system suitable to those plants. Consider making the system serve more than one purpose.
  • Build your system
  • Grow your plants vertically until they serve your intended purposes

To document your completion of the BB, provide the following:

  • List of plants you researched, description or sketch of the growing system you plan to build, and reasons for your choice
  • Photo of your vertical growing system, without plants (if possible)
  • Photo of your vertical growing system, with plants, and serving its intended purpose

Make a comment on this page and include the photos in the comment.


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