Set up a composting system

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the Level 1 badge in Gardening.

All gardeners can and should compost, even if all your growing is done on a balcony. There are many different ways to compost, at least one will fit your circumstances. Methods include:

  • Bokashi (can be indoors)
  • Worm bin (can be indoors)
  • Tumbler barrel
  • Plastic bin
  • Garbage can with ventilation holes added
  • Pallet bin
  • Wire enclosure
  • Concrete block enclosure
  • Wood enclosure/bin (commercial kits are available)
  • Pit
  • Heap (non-enclosed)
  • “Green Cone”

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:

  • Research the different ways to make compost, and choose one that seems suitable for you.
  • Set up your composting system
  • Use the system consistently for long enough to get finished compost out of it

To document your completion of the BB, provide the following:

  • Photo of your bought system or DIY materials to set up a system
  • Photo of raw compost materials being added to part-filled system

Make a comment on this page and include the photos in the comment.


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