Make a sketch plan of your yard/patio/balcony/community garden area

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the Level 1 badge in Gardening.

Making a plan of your gardening area helps you identify sun/shade areas, wet/dry areas, sizes of growing beds and gives you a framework for planning from year to year.

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:

  • Sketch a plan of your gardening area either on paper (squared paper makes it easier) or on a computer.
  • Include compass directions, sizes of growing areas, water sources, and indicate wet/dry and sun/shade areas.
  • Exact dimensions and straight lines are not required!

To document your completion of the BB, provide the following:

  • – Photo of your sketching materials beforehand
  • – Photo of the finished sketch plan

Make a comment on this page and include the photos in the comment.


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