The Urban Homesteading School of qathet serves the qathet Regional District on the West coast of British Columbia, Canada, including the City of Powell River. It organizes workshops and classes useful to anyone who wants to improve their urban homesteading skills.

Many people want to grow more of their own food, make more of their own necessities, become more self-reliant and insulate their families from the problems of the mainstream industrial economy. Most of those people don’t have a large lot or traditional homestead with several acres of land: they need to start where they are, in their existing space. UHSq classes provide those people with information and skills that they can put to use right away.

qathet has seen many, many sessions on self-reliance topics, presented by many individuals and organisations. This has resulted in many excellent workshops but also duplication and gaps in coverage. The UHSq aims to provide a greater breadth and depth of co-ordinated coverage of topics, and affordability and accessibility for participants, while providing payment for teachers, venues and the coordinator.

Class locations will vary from instructors own locations, to community gardens, to rented spaces. UHSq aims to support small, locally-owned and community venues.

Co-ordinator:Kevin Wilson has worked with multiple organisations in qathet over the last 15 years, organising and presenting workshops on a variety of topics, including full weekends and short evenings. He “Urban Homesteads” with his husband on a 1/5 acre lot in Cranberry.
Instructors: qathet has a fantastic resource of people who have been doing this homesteading stuff for years, and love to spread the knowledge. Presenters for each topic will be chosen both for their practical experience and theoretical knowledge of the subject, and an ability to transmit the knowledge to and inspire participants.